Elektropolis is Uwe Teichert’s Mastering Studio.
Preparing Music for CD Release, Vinyl as well as Digital Distribution such as iTunes (we’re certified ‚Mastered for iTunes‘).

With a beautiful selection of analog and digital outboard that has evolved and grown with the years (it’s more than 20 years now...), it has become pretty much complete.
Beautiful ‚want to have‘ and rare Classic like two Sontec EQ’s, almost Museum pieces like the ITI EQ (which is actually the worlds first parametric and Mastering EQ) that despite its age can give some bite if needed or Classic Valve Equipment like the Chiswich Reach Valve Compressor.
Top Monitoring by PMC with among the worlds best Power Amplifiers from Bryston. No compromise.

In more than 20 years, close to 3000 Releases and a few ‚Million Sellers‘ the Studio has worked with the majority of local Artists as well as Artists from all over the world.
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